Spring Awakening – The Bitch Of Living chords

Chords Used: F F7 Bb7 Bbm Am Gm7 Bb

Intro: F

F God, I dreamed there was an angel
F Who could hear me through the wall
F7 As I cried out, like in Latin,
F7 "This is so not life at all.
Bb7 Help me out-out-of this nightmare"
Bb7 Then I heard her silver call.
BbmShe said: "Just give it time, kid.
BbmI come to one and all"
FShe said: "Give me that hand, please,
FAnd the itch you can't control.
F7Let me teach you how to handle
F7All the sadness in your soul.
Bb7Oh, we'll work that silver magic
Bb7Then we'll aim it at the wall"
BbmShe said: "Love may make you blind kid,
BbmBut I wouldn't mind at all."
Am It's the bitch of living (bitch, just the bitch)
Gm7With nothing but your hand. (just the bitch, yeah)
BbJust the bitch of living
BbAs someone you can't stand
FSee, each night, it's like fantastic
FTossing, turning, without rest,
F7'Cause my days at the piano
F7With my teacher and her breasts;
Bb7And the music's like the one thing
Bb7I can even get at all
BbmAnd those breasts!
BbmI mean, God, please just let those apples fall
AmIt's the bitch of living (bitch, ah, ah, ah)
Gm7With nothing going on (nothing going on)
BbJust the bitch of living,
BbAsking: what went wrong?
AmDo they think we want this?
Gm7Oh- who knows?
FSee, there's showering in gym class...
F7Bobby Maler, he's the best...
Bb7Looks so nasty in those khakis...
BbmGod, my whole life's like some test.
FThen there's Marianna Wheelan,
F7As if she'd return my call.
Bb7It's like just kiss some ass, man,
BbmThen you can screw 'em all.
AmIt's the bitch of living (it's the bitch of living)
Gm7 And living in your head. (it's the bitch)
BbIt's the bitch of living
BbAnd sensing God is dead.
AmIt's the bitch of living (you watch me, just watch me)
Gm7And trying to get ahead. (I'm calling you one day)
BbIt's the bitch of living
BbJust getting out of bed. (all will know)
AmIt's the bitch of living (living, living)(all will know)
Gm7And getting what you get.
BbJust the bitch of living
BbAnd knowing this is it.
AmGod, is this it?
Gm7This can't be it
Bb FOh God, what a bitch!
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