Spunge - Land Down Under tab

i liked this version of the song i thought id have a go at tabbing it. its missing the 
but i'm working on it.


G2 intro/verse (cant be bothered to tab the strumming pattern but its not to difficult.) Bm A Bm G Ae|--2------------2------3-----|B|--3-----2------3------3-2---|G|--4-----2------4------0-2---|D|--4-----2------4------0-2---|A|--2-----0------2------2-0---|E|----------------------3-----|
G1+G2 Chorus
repeat intro repeat verse repeat chorus solo (G2 repeats verse again) STILL WORKING ON IT... after the solo the verse starts to fade in again before going into the chorus, which is to the end. this is my first try at tabbing a song. so any corrections welcome. and if anyone has of the solo please let me know. by 10crumsey
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