Squeeze – Up The Junction chords

 I didn't tab this, I just put a couple of others together and finished them off a 
bit. Hope you like it.



Up The Junction (Squeeze) ------------------------- Verse 1 -------
E AI never thought it would happen
EWith me and the girl from Clapham
C#mOut on the windy common
EThat night I ain't forgotten
AWhere she dealt out the rations
EWith some or other passions
C#mI said you are a lady
EPerhaps she said I may be
Verse 2 -------
E AWe moved into a basement
EWith talks of our engagement
C#mWe stayed in by the telly
EAlthough the room was smelly
AWe spent our time just kissin'
EThe Railway Arms we're missin'
C#mBut love had got us hooked up
EAnd all the time it took up
Verse 3 -------
E AI got a job with Stanley
EHe said I'd come in handy
C#mAnd he started me on Monday
ESo I had a bath on Sunday
AI worked eleven hours
EAnd bought the girl some flowers
C#mShe said she'd seen a doctor
E And nothing now could stop her
Bridge ------
C#m AbmI worked all through the winter
F#mThe weather brass and bitter
BmI put away a tenner
DmEach week to make her better
AmAnd when the time was ready
GmWe had to sell the telly
FLate evenings by the fire
AAnd little kicks inside her
Verse 4 -------
D GThis morning at four fifty
DI took her rather nifty
BmDown to an incubator
DWhere thirty minutes later
GShe gave birth to a daughter
DWithin a year a walker
BmShe looked just like her mother
D D A EIf there could be another
Verse 5 (chords are the same as verse 1) -------
E AAnd now she's two years older
EHer mother's with a soldier
C#mShe left me with my drinkin'
EBecame a proper stingin'
AThe devil came and took me
EFrom bar to street to bookie
C#mNo more nights by the telly
ENo more nights nappies smelling
Verse 6 -------
E AAlone here in the kitchen
EI feel there's somethin' missin'
C#mI beg for some forgiveness
EBut beggin's not my business
AAnd she won't write a letter
EAlthough I always tell her
C#mAnd so it's my assumption
EI'm really up the junction
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