St Peters Crispian – Changes chords

F GSit by my side
C AmCome as close as the air
F G EmShare in a memory of gray
Am FAnd wander in my words
G CDream about the pictures
Am - F - G CThat I paint of changes
F GGreen leaves of summer
C AmTurn red in the fall
F GTo brown and to yellow
EmThey fade
Am FAnd then they have to die
G CTrapped within the circle time
Am-F-G CParade of changes
F GScenes of my young years
C AmAre warm in my mind
F G EmVisions of shadows that shine
Am FTill one day I returned
G CAnd found they were the victims
Am-F-G COf the vines of changes
F GThe world's spinning madly
C AmIt drifts in the dark
F G EmSwings through a hollow of haze
Am FA race around the stars
(A race around the stars)
G C Am-F-GA journey through the universe ablaze
(A journey through the universe ablaze)
CWith changes
F GYour tears will be trembling
C AmNow we're somewhere else
F G EmOne last cup of wine, we will pour
Am FAnd I'll kiss you one more time
G CAnd leave you on the rolling
Am-F-G CRiver shores of changes
Am FI'll kiss you one more time
(I'll kiss you one more time)
G C Am-F-GAnd leave you on the rolling river shores
(And leave you on the rolling river shores)
COf changes
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