Staind – Secret Song tab

Song:Secret Song
Tabbed by:The Pimpest Drummer (Chris)

This was the easiest song to tab out.  I am not even a guitarist, 
I am a drummer but I have some guitar ability.  I figured this one 
out in like five minutes.  Well, these are the riffs.  I think you 
will be able to figure out the number of times you play them but if 
not feel free to e-mail me and i will give them to you.  Enjoy.

Acoustic Guitar
Standard Tuning (low to high E A D G B E)

Verse RiffPlay this four times then this four times------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------0------------- -----------0---------------------4-----4---------- --------4-----4---------------2-----------2------- -----2-----------2---------0---------------------- --3----------------------
Chorus RiffPlay this two times then this two times-----------0------------- -----------0-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------4-----4---------- --------4-----4---------------2-----------2------- -----2-----------2---------0---------------------- --3----------------------------------------------- -------------------------Play the chorus riffs twice and that is the entire chorus
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