Staind – Black tab

Aaron Lewis - Black
Tabbed By: Paul Crevier

Hello, this tab is 100% correct, and its easy
so if u wanna impress ur friends with one of the best songs
on the radio right now, take 5 minutes and learn it

Tune Your guitar down 1/2 step d# g# d# f# a# d#
Intro/ Verse

Em A5 E----0000|0000|0000B----0000|0000|0000G----0000|0000|2222D----2222|2222|2222 repeatA----2222|2222|0000e----0000|0000|0000
Pre-chrous C5 Em E----xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|B----xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|G----5555|5555|0000|0000|D----5555|5555|2222|2222| repeatA----3333|3333|2222|2222|e----xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|
Chrous and Coda D5 C5 Em E----xxxx|xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|0000B----xxxx|xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|0000G----7777|7777|5555|5555|0000|0000|D----7777|7777|5555|5555|2222|2222| repeatA----5555|5555|3333|3333|2222|2222|e----xxxx|xxxx|0000|0000|0000|0000|
Alrite listen 2 the song for the strunging pattern!
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