In Your Eyes tab with lyrics by Staind - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Staind – In Your Eyes tab

Band- Staind
Song- In Your Eyes

/x  = slide up till fret x
x  = slide down till fret x
x/y = slide up from x to y
h   = hammer on
p   = pull off
b   = bend
~   = let ring

|`1. Guitar´|
The timing is hard to get so listen carefully to the song!
Tip: listen to the bass tones and you\'ll get it


comment: Hit the basstone first and then the 4 other ones.
         He\'s playing it pretty gently so don\'t overdo the basstone.
 Bm         Asus2                 G
       (smtms. Am variation)
Eb|-0-| Eb|-0----| Eb|-x-|Bb|-3-| Bb|-0-(1)| Bb|-0-|Gb|-4-| Gb|-2----| Gb|-4-|Db|-4-| Db|-2----| Db|-5-|Ab|-2-| Ab|-0----| Ab|-5-|Eb|-x-| Eb|-x----| Eb|-3-|
[.pre - chorus.]
A DEb|-0-| Eb|-0-|Bb|-0-| Bb|-7-|Gb|-6-| Gb|-7-|Db|-7-| Db|-7-|Ab|-7-| Ab|-5-|Eb|-5-| Eb|-0-|
[.lead in.] the part when they sing in choir smthg. like \"uuuh\"
B5 A GEb|---| Eb|-0-| Eb|-x-|Bb|---| Bb|-0-| Bb|-0-|Gb|---| Gb|-6-| Gb|-4-|Db|-9-| Db|-7-| Db|-5-|Ab|-9-| Ab|-7-| Ab|-5-|Eb|-7-| Eb|-5-| Eb|-3-|
[.chorus.] timing is pretty easy, just on every \"your eyes..\" a new chord E AEb|-0-| Eb|-0-|Bb|-0-| Bb|-0-|Gb|-1-| Gb|-6-|Db|-2-| Db|-7-|Ab|-2-| Ab|-7-|Eb|-0-| Eb|-5-|
__________ |`2.Guitar´| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ I\'ve written the scales he\'s using just for the advanced players.
[.Intro.]B-minor scaleEb|------------------------2-5-|Bb|------------------2-3-5-----|Gb|--------------2-4-----------|Db|----------2-4---------------|Ab|------2-5-------------------|Eb|-2-5------------------------|
[.Verse.] Advanced: same scale like in intro so you can just improvise if u want. In the verse Mike plays not that much. I\'m just improvising when I play the first guitar but i don\'t wanna influence ur opinion so do what ye want ^^ and here the original for the beginners:
here are some fills he\'s using(hard to hear)Eb|----------|------------|-------------|---------------|Bb|------2---|-------3p2--|-----3-----3~|---------------|Gb|-4-4~4-4--|---2-4------|-------------|---------------|Db|----------|-4----------|-4-4---4-4---|---------2-4-2-|Ab|----------|------------|-------------|-----2-5-------|Eb|----------|------------|-------------|-2-5-----------|
[.Pre-Chorus.] in Pre-Chorus he\'s playing nothing but if you need to bring in 2 guitars and your 2nd guitarist is a bit egocentric or you are the 2nd guitarist and you wanna learn more then you could try this:
just move around on the basspart of the A-major scaleEb|---------------|Bb|---------------|Gb|---------------|Db|----------5-7--|Ab|------5-7------|Eb|-5-8-----------|
Or out of scale:Eb|------------|Bb|------------|Gb|------------|Db|--------7-9-|Ab|----7-9-----|Eb|--9---------|
I know that there are a lot more notes available but these ones fit pretty good into the song [.Chorus.] Play same chords as 1. guitar
E AEb|-0-| Eb|-5-|Bb|-0-| Bb|-5-|Gb|-1-| Gb|-6-|Db|-2-| Db|-7-|Ab|-2-| Ab|-7-|Eb|-0-| Eb|-5-|
[.Lead-out.] the one after first chorus Advanced: just improvise in the B-minor scale again Beginners:
------------------------------------------------- I think this will help a lot with timing [.Verse.] Bm Asus2 G In love Asus2 Bm Asus2 G Asus2 I get so lost, sometimes Bm Asus2 G So much hatred Asus2 Bm And this emptiness Asus2 G Asus2 Bm Fills my heart (now there\'s a change, be careful with timing) Asus2 G Asus2 Bm When I want to run away Asus2 G Asus2 Bm I drive off in my car Asus2 G Asus2 In the shelter, everything Bm Asus2 G I come back to the place you are [.pre-chorus.] A D All my instincts A They return D The grand facade A So soon will burn D Without a noise A Without my pride D I reach out from the inside
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