Staind – Secret Track tab

I just wanna say that this band is awesome!  I 
listened to the whole album and was like wow! I 
need to learn how to play some of this stuff.
Then I heard this secret track, which is about 
fifteen minutes after track 9 ends.  It blew me 
away how it just contradicted the whole album.
Just so you know, it's an ACOUSTIC song!  So I 
decided to learn how to play it, and since no 
one has tabbed it yet, I'll take care of that so 
you can learn it too.  This is my first tab 
though, so please forgive me if it's bad, or 

Standard tuning: low to high EADGBE

It's in six-eight time.  

I'm correcting myself here.  I don't know the exact name of the chords 
because they're kind of weird, but similar to what I had before.

This is basically how it goes:


E---------------------B---------------------G------------0-------- Play 4 timesD---------4-----4-----A------2-----------2--E---0-----------------
1 & a 2 & a
E---------------------B---------------------G------------0-------- Play 4 timesD---------4-----4-----A------2-----------2--E---3-----------------
1 & a 2 & a The verse is the same as the intro with the same picking pattern. Chorus
Asus2E---------------------B------------0--------G---------2-----2----- Play 2 timesD------2-----------2--A---0-----------------E---------------------
1 & a 2 & a
Csus(something)E---------------------B------------0--------G---------0-----0----- Play 2 timesD------2-----------2--A---3-----------------E---------------------
1 & a 2 & a The rest just repeats: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc. That's about the jist of it. The lyrics are really easy cuz they fit right in with the picking pattern, so you can pick those up for yourself. Other than that, that's how the whole song goes.
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