Staind – Bring The Noise tab

Staind feat. Limp Bizkit - Bring the Noise

I just heard this song for the first time the other day and I love it. Staind previously
said they've never been into playing the whole rap metal scene so I thought this was
really a step outside of their usual zone even though it was released in their earlier
years. I have only transcribed the intro/verse. Tunning: Ab Db Ab Db Gb Bb (or) Db Ab Db
Gb Bb Eb (b/c you only need the 5th string on a baritone guitar but will need the low Ab
for the rest of song that I don't yet have)

Key: h=hammer on
     \=slide down

Intro/Versew/dist Bb|------------------------------------ note: I hate to say it but this Gb|------------------------------------ last note may not be rightDb|------------------------------------ it may be a lower note pickedAb|------------------------------------ or slide to on the Low Ab butDb|-0---0----0h5--4--3---3--3h5--x\(0)- it sounds like a slide back Ab|------------------------------------ down from the 5th fret or a simple pick slide.
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