Staind – Outside tab ver. 4

Hey, I know that alot of people already have the tabs for this song, but for the ones who don't, here they are. They should be 100% correct too but if not email me @ and we'll see. . .oh yeah and the lyrics are further down too. Enjoy

Intro/Verse E D e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-9-------9----9--9-9---7-------7----7--7-7-|D|-9-------9----9--9-9---7-------7----7--7-7-|A|-7-------7----7--7-7---5-------5----5--5-5-|E|-------------------------------------------|
G Ae|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|-5-------5----5--5-5---7-------7----7--7-7-|A|-5-------5----5--5-5---7-------7----7--7-7-|E|-3-------3----3--3-3---5-------5----5--5-5-|
Chorus--Listen to the song and figure out the timing and strumming patterns.
E G D Am e|-0----3----2-------|B|-0----0----3----0--|G|-0----0----2----2--|D|-2----0----0----2--|A|-2----2---------0--|E|-0----3------------|
Lyrics Verse 1: When you, bring me to my knees, All this time, that i can beg you please, All the times, that i've felt insecure, And i leave my burdens at the door. Choruse: i'm on the outside i'm looking in i can see through you see your true colors cause inside your ugly ugly like me i can see through you see to the real you Verse 2: All this time, that i've felt like this won't end, Was for you, And i taste, but i could never have, Is from you, All those times, that i tried, My intention, full of pride, And i waste more time than anyone. Chorus. Verse 3: All the times, that i cried All this wasted, its all inside. And i feel all this pain, Stuffed it down, its back again. And I lie, here in bed, All alone, i can't mend. And I feel tomorrow will be okay. Chorus.
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