Staind – Something To Remind You chords ver. 4

Left handed
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A fairly easy, but great song from Staind. There are only 4 different chords in 
the song from what I can hear. In the verses there are some small picking sections 
that you can choose to do whether you want to or not. You can just play through 
the song with regular chords if you don't prefer the picking parts. I just feel 
that it adds more dynamic and emotion to the song....but that's just me. Enjoy :D

                        /////CAPO AT 1\\\\\

The picking parts in the verse use these chords and will actually be LABELED A 
HALF STEP DOWN from the actual note just to keep simplicity with the capo and all. 
|-------| |------| |-------| |------| *F# (7) note is |-------| |------| |---(*7)| |----4-| optional and can A#|-----10| G#|-----8| F#|----6--| F |------| be substituted for |--8----| |--6---| |-4-----| |--3---| 6 |-------| |------| |-------| |------| |-------| |------| |-------| |------|
|---------------| \|--6--4--2--(*0)| \ |---------------| > This is the little part you hear at the end of |---------------| > the picking sect. FYI: the *0 is relative to|---------------| / the capo, So if you're not using a capo it |---------------| / would be at 1 instead.----------------|
Am G F E So this is it, I say goodbye. To this chapter of my ever-changing life.
Am G F And there's mistakes, the path is long. And I'm sure I'll answer for
E them when I'm gone.
F G So when the day comes and the sun won't touch my face.
F E Tell the ones who cared enough that I've finally left this place.
Am G F That's been so cold. Look at my face. All the stories it will tell,
E Am G F I can't erase. The road is long, just one more song. A little somethin'
E (Intro: Am,G,F,E) to remind you when I'm gone. When I'm Gone.
Am G F E The road to hell. Along the way, is paved with good intentions so they
Am G F say. And some believe that no good deed, goes unpunished in the end
E or so it seems.
PRE-CHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE: Am,G,F,E OUTRO: (basically the same as the first verse)
Am G F E So this is it, I say goodbye, to this chapter of my ever-changing life.
Am G F And there's mistakes. The path was long, and I'm sure I'll answer for
E Am them when I'm gone. When I'm Gone.
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