Staind – Throw It All Away chords

        Throw It All Away-Staind         

Chords used:

|--0 |--- |--x |--0 |--3-| |--0 |--- |--3 |--0 |--0-|A|--2 F5--->|--- D--->|--2 Em--->|--0 G--->|--0-| |--2 |--3 |--0 |--2 |--0-| |--0 |--3 |--0 |--2 |--2-| |--x |--1 |--x |--0 |--3-|
* All the chords (and tabbed section underneath) are relative to the capo (2nd fret). You can use whatever variation you want, but this is what I used for this tab.
____________________________|--------------------------||--------------------------|--->> Here is a way|--------------------------| I found to make the A in the intro and verse|--------------------------| more interesting. This for the A, pick the F,|----2-0-(0)-5-2-2-0-2-2-p0| then strum the D.|--0-----------------------|--->>|--------------------------|____________________________
Intro:A,F5,D x5 VERSE:
A F5 D It doesn't feel like this is over.
A F5 D It's never felt like it's begun
A F5 D A
F5 D Always looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the end to come.
A F5 D Then you throw it all away,
A F5 D throw it all away.
A F5 D A F5 D Nothing I Could say. Throw it all away.
A F5 D A Do you still feel like you here bleeding? You bleed until
F5 D A F5
Dthere's nothing left. It never seems to ever be enough for me
A F5 D (enough for you) It leaves you empty in the end.
F5 Em F5 Em It's never enough to break down inside. It's never enough to hold
F5 Em F5 onto pride. It's never enough to give up your soul. It's never
Em Genough.
A F5 D It doesn't feel like this is over.
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