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THE ROSEVILLE FAIR    Time: 4/4    Key: D    Bass: A-C
- Bill Staines, 1978
- Record: Bill Staines, If I Were A Word / The First Million Miles
- Record: Schooner Fare, Signs of Home
- Source: New Folk Favorites, page 86 (D) / Rise Up Singing, page 1E7 (D)

D                   *      *          G          D
.. Oh the night was clear, .. and the stars were shining
D                    G  A   *                  D
.. And the moon came up___, .. so quiet in the sky
D                           *      *          G          D
.. All the people gathered 'round, .. and the band was a-tuning
D                  G   A   *                              D
.. I can hear them now___, .. playing "Coming Through the Rye"

D                      *     *          G         D
.. You were dressed in blue, .. and you looked so lovely
D                G      A   *                  D
.. Just a gentle flower___, .. of a small-town girl
D              *     *         G              D
.. You took my hand, .. and we stepped to the music
D                G     A   *                D
.. With a single smile___, .. you became my world

D                    A     D   Em        A              D
.. And we danced all night___, .. to the fiddle and the banjo
A                 G      A                     D
.. Their drifting tunes, .. seemed to fill the air
D           A  D   Em       A        D
.. So long ago___, .. but I still re-member
A                  G     A                   D
.. When we fell in love, .. at the Roseville Fair

Now we courted well, and we courted dearly
And we'd rock for hours, on the front-porch chair
Then a year went by, from the time that I met you
And I made you mine, at the Roseville Fair

So here's a song, for all of the lovers
And here's a tune, that they can share
May they dance all night, to the fiddle and the banjo
The way we did, at the Roseville Fair


- "*" in the chord line represents a new bar, play same chord
- "." in the lyric line represents a 1/8 note rest
- Rise Up Singing has simpler chords

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