Stanford Prison Experiment – Confusion tab

Been on a 90's kick, and was a little disappointed that this song wasn't tabbed.  It's 
fun to play, but takes some discipline to get it to sound good because you're playing 
power chords and notes through the whole thing.  There are two man riffs

Riff 1: Verses and breaks

The last time before the chorus when you go from the A to the Ab play this:
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-66-6br-6-4-6|D|-44-4br-4-2-4| and then go straight into...
Riff 2: Choruses and outro
Listen to the song for the rhythm, but generally you're going to be strumming the chords listed and playing the lead simultaneouslye|--------------------|B|----------4-4-------|G|--8-8-6-------4-----|D|-----------------13-|A|-7-------4-------11-|D|-5-------2-------9--|
There's one verse where the bass continues with the E Ab A Ab riff and you play a root five octave at Eb, it's dissonant, but that's part of what makes the song cool. I'm transcribing the lyrics because I couldn't find them Come to countdown / Yet another letdown Come to some / Twisted conclusion In you something / continue pressing Confusion / Worn-out illusion There's this / play that / we all know Turning / burning / we all know it Sense a knockdown / feel another meltdown Come to some / twisted delusion I've seen a face / seen a reflection Conclusion / no delusion There's this / place that / we all know There's this / way that / I could show it Sub mind / sunshine Cardboard / cut-outs Blowing / away There's a / place that / we all know It's a / place with / no disguises Sunshine / cut-outs / my mind cuts out Cardboard / cutouts / fall
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