Stanley Brothers – Love Me Darlin Just Tonight tab

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From:   William L Kale []
Sent:   Wednesday, December 24, 1997 6:04 PM

"Love me darlin' just tonight"
as recorded by the Stanley Brothers
transcribed by Brad Kale
*capo 2nd

 (G)                   (D)
Love me darlin' just tonight,
(D7)                        (G)
take your arms and hold me tight
tomorrow you may hold another,
 (G)      (D)          (G)
love me darlin' just tonight.

Try to find true love in your heart
tomorrow we may not have to part.
But if you feel you must leave me,
love me darlin' just tonight.

You say tomorrow you are leavin'
I hope you know the way thats right
I pray to god you won't leave me
love me darlin' just tonight.
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