Stanley Brothers – Little Birdie chords

"Little Birdy"

DLittle birdy, little birdy
A D Won't you sing to me your song
DGot a short time to stay here
A DAnd a long time to be gone
DI'd rather be in some dark hollow
A DWhere the sun don't ever shine
DThan for you to be another man's darling
A DAnd to know that you'd never be mine
D Little birdy, little birdy
A DWhat makes you fly so high
DWhen you know that my true lover
A DIs a-waiting in the sky
D I'm a long way from old Dixie
A DAnd my old Kentucky home
DGot no father or mother
A DNo place to call my home
DLittle birdy, little birdy
A D What makes your head so red
D Well, after all that I been through
A DIt's a wonder I ain't dead
DMarried woman, married woman
A DWhy don't you settle down
DYour heart's like the little birdy's
A D You're flying all a-round
DLittle birdy, little birdy
A DWon't you sing to me your song
D You've caused me lots of trouble
A DYou've caused me to do wrong
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