Staples Singers – Slow Train chords

Slow Train (Staples Singers)
  (tabbed by B. Brown for D. Hardy)

 The opening riff is a open E string bass with descending tremble line on the G and B strings.

 The chords are simple. It starts with E then A for the chorus, then E to B to A for the 
verse. Listen to the recording
to get the feel of it. Have fun.


E AIts slow,slow train
EBut its moving on
EI got my ticket
BDon't don't pass me by
EIf i don't get on
BOOh i'll break right down and cry
EYou only got one life
BTo live on this earth
AOh get me there won't you please
EConductor sir
(repeat chorus) Everybody gets a ticket You, you and me So easy to catch a ride Thats how its got be Everyone goes there Just to prove he's the Man Be easy on yourself For there's no helping hand Chorus
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