Starfield – Absolutely chords

C#m A E BVerse 1:
C#m ALover of my soul
E BI want to tell you
C#m A E BOnly you have all of me
C#m AI cannot contain
E BMy adoration
C#m A E BI'm in love so desperately
F#m BNo one is as lovely as You are
F#mAnd there is no one else
BWho has my heart
E BJesus, you have me completely
F#mEvery breath that I breathe
A BI am absolutely in love
E BJesus, I am yours forever
F#mAll of me surrenders
A B C#m A E BI am absolutely in love with you
B F#mAll I am is yours
BOnly yours
ps. the second time that you play the chorus to transition into the bridge, instead of the C#m A E B you replace it with F#m then go straight into the bridge. thnx and enjoy †
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