Starfield – Everything To Me chords

Hey! I'm pretty sure this is all basically right. It is a freaking awesome song, so enjoy it!

Verse= C D Am D
Chorus= G D/F# C D
Bridge= D# F D# F

C More than feelings and emotions
DMore than just a passing flame
AmI am tired of pretending
DSo tired of the games
CMore than going through the motions
D Am DMore than all this compromise
More than proof of Your existence More than trusting what I see All I need to know for this life Is that You're alive in me More than answers to my questions More than doubting needs resolve (Chorus)
GI want You to be
D/F#Everything to me
CInside my thoughts and through my life
DI want to know Your peace
GI want You to be
D/F#Everything to me
CNo rival throne, no equal love
DNo other to compete
More than living life in comfort More than what You do for me Would You teach me Lord to listen? Would You draw me to my knees? More than anything I lived for More than all my hopes and dreams (hold the D chord and extra measure) (Chorus)
D#Be all my hope
FBe all my desire
D#May I be refined
FRefined in Your fire
D#Lord all I want
FAnd all that I need
D# F G D/F# C DIs for You to be everything to me
(Chorus x.5 quiet) (Chorus x1.5 loud and with gusto!)
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