Starfield – Cry In My Heart chords

Cry In My Heart

ATheres a cry in my heart
EFor your glory to fall
D EFor your presence to fill up my senses
ATheres a yearning again
EA thirst for discipline
D EA hunger for things that are deeper
C#m DCould you take me beyond
A E Could you carry me through
C#m DIf I open my heart
A ECould I go there with you
C#m DFor Ive been here before
A EBut I know there’s still more
D EOh Lord. I need to know you
AFor what do I have
EIf I don’t have you Jesus
DWhat in this life
ACould mean any more
You are my rock
EYou are my glory
D E / E / A / A /You are the lifter of my head
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