Status Quo chords with lyrics by Starship - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Starship – Status Quo chords

Okay so here is Status Quo from Starship. I did the best I could, sorry if it isn't perfect.

Capo 7

Verse 1

Em C GIt starts with not questioning the answers
Em C GAnd giving up before you've begun
Em C GIt locks all the doors, increases the pressure
Em C EmAnd in a flash your time is up before it's done
C FAnd you won't know how it can feel
FmTo feel at all
Chorus So I say
Am F C G F CNo-o-o to status quo-o-o
Am FWho wants to be like the rest
C GAnd deny the best that I'm meant for
I will
Am F C G F CShow-oh-oh the status quo-o-o
AmWho wants to be normal
FI'll never conform
C G Em C GI will be content to resent the status quo
Verse 2
Am FI'll kick down the walls around me
C GThey don't know how strong I am
Am FI'm not defined by boundaries
C G FThey will never understand
Am F CI'm so much mo-o-ore
G F CThan status quo-o-o
Am FWho cares about being another pipe dreamer
C GStuck on the bottom floor
Am F C G F CAnd I kno-o-ow it's time to go-o-o
So maybe I've
Am FGotten everything that I wanted but
C GI think that I might have made it so
FWhen I said no
Am C Em Am F6 C G Em F# To status quoooooooooo-o-o!
G DCause I am a starship ranger
G DI'm gonna do everything I can
G EmTo always be a starship ranger
G C EmCause it's everything
Fm Gm Fm Gm Fm Gm Fm GmIt's everything
D (move D up one fret. do this 3 times) I am! End on D again.
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