Starting Line - What You Want chords version 1

The Starting Line - What You Want

Capo 2

D G Em G I want something more than all my possessions
ASomething I wanna share with everybody else
D G Em G It will be brilliant both to elderly and children
A D(hold)And be different in a way that can be embraced
DIf this is what you want
GThen I'm gonna get it to you
DCause I wanna show you things
EmThat you never knew, (That you never knew)
DIf this is what you want
GI'll get closer to you
GAnd then I'll make you sing
Em GCause that's what you do, ooooh
Verse 2:
D G Em G So was it worth it, the way I had every word?
AIt seems like I bit off a little more than I could chew
D G Em G I've got a big mouth, yeah but maybe that's true
A D(hold)I could never know for sure until it gets to you
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Bm-A (x4)
GI wanna make it feel better
Bm-A (x4)About the fact that you've made
The bet you've placed on the
Elonely boys from the Keystone state
Bm-A (x4)Was it worth it?
GIt's only gonna get better
Bm-A (x4)I think we're gonna be safe
EIf we can keep holding on
Gand on to hope for this long
(Repeat Chorus)
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