Starting Line – Gregs Last Day tab

This tab may look a bit confusingas it has a few small riffs 
that ive tried to tab in the right place
but with 2 guitars and listening to the song, 
it should be ok.


1st Guitare------------------B------------------G------------------D------------------A---3333333333333--E------------------
Rest of the band joins in... G F
1st Guitare-----------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------D-------------2-2h3p2-33h5-5-5--------2-2-A---33-3-3-5-5----------------33h5-5------E-----------------------------------------2nd Guitar C F A G
1st Guitar (continued)e--------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------|D-------5---------5---------5----------------|A---2h3---3-3-2h3---3-3-2h3---3-3-2h3---5-5--|E-------------------------------------3------|2nd Guitar C F A G Oh when....
VERSE 1 - palm muted(p.m.) F G A C (X4) You left... AAAAA (hold last note) Stay... F G A (X2) You know how... C F G G Come back... CHORUS C F A G (X2) Greg's last... F (hold note) Clears... VERSE 2 F G A C (X2)p.m. Then I went... F G A C (X2)heavy Evergreen Rd... G FILL 1 - 1st Guitar plays riff/2nd Guitar Plays Chords
e--xx------xx------xx------x----|B--xx------xx------xx------x----|G--xx-5555-xx-5555-xx-5555-5----|D--33------55------77------5----|A--33------55------77------3----|E--11------33------55------x----| FF GG AA C(X6)
2nd Guitar F F G G A A C C (X2)- 2nd time round 'Fill'
1st Guitar - Fill e------------------------|B------------------------|G--5--5--5h77--7h99------|D------------------------|A------------------------|E------------------------| F F G G A A C C Since your...
F G A C (X2) Gone...
1st Guitar - Riff on first C chorde-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D--3-2-----3-2-2-----------3-2-2----|A------5-3-------5-5-3-3---------5--|E------------------------3----------| C F G A
C G CHORUS C F A G (X2) Greg's last... F (leave note ringing) Clears...
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