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Steeleye Span – Edwin chords

Steeleye Span

Capo: I

This can be played with easier chords by transposing down 2 half steps.

Gm D Gm D7 GmCome all ye wild young people and listen to my song
D Gm D7 GmI will unfold concerning gold that guides so many wrong
Bb F Gm DYoung Emma was a servant maid who loved a sailor bold
Gm D Gm D7 GmWho ploughed the main much gold to gain for his love so we've been told.
Gm D Gm D7 GmHe ploughed the main for seven years and then return-ed home
D Gm D7 GmAs soon as he set foot on shore unto his love did go
Bb F Gm DHe went unto young Emma's house his gold all for to show
Gm D Gm D7 GmThat he had gained upon the main all in the lowlands low.
Gm D Gm D7 GmYoung Edwin he sat drinking till time to go to bed
D Gm D7 GmHe little thought a sword that night would part his body and head
Bb F Gm DYoung Edwin he got into bed and scarcely was asleep
Gm D Gm D7 GmWhen Emily's cruel parents soft into his room did creep
Gm D Gm D7 GmThey stabbed him, dragged him out of bed and to the sea did go
D Gm D7 GmThey sent his body floating, down to the lowlands low
Bb F Gm D"Oh father, where's the stranger came here last night to lay?"
Gm D Gm D7 Gm"Oh he is dead no tales can tell" the father he did say.
Gm D Gm D7 GmThe fishes of the ocean swim o'er my lover's breast
D Gm D7 GmHis body rolls in motion I hope his soul's at rest
Bb F Gm DThe shells upon the sea shore rolling to and fro
Gm D Gm D7 GmRemind me of young Edwin that ploughed the lowlands low
Gm D Gm D7 GmSo many a day she passed away and tried to ease her mind
D Gm D7 GmCrying "Oh my friends, my love is gone and I am left behind"
Bb F Gm DAnd Emma broken hearted was to Bedlam forced to go
Gm D Gm D7 Gm Her shrieks were for young Edwin that ploughed the lowlands low.
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