Steely Dan - Any Major Dude tab

Hey  there : saw that there was no tab for this sweet little solo and decided to tab it
myself. Tabs pretty much perfect although watch out for your intonation on the pre-bend
the 2nd bar.
Also the latter part of the solo was harmonised by Diaz and Skunk. I’ve never actually
guitar harmonies but I believe they are played primarily using major thirds, so adjust
if you are running through this with another player.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me at

P.S if anybody has any good tabs to the solos from PRETZEL LOGIC and RIKKI DON’T LOSE
NUMBER they would be very much appreciated.

Anyways on to the tab……….

E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------6- 6-----6-------8----6--------------------------8p5-----------------|G-6s7--------7----7----------------------------------------------8p7--------|D--------------------------------7-----PB (8)7---5~-------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
This part is all harmonisedE-------------------------------------------------------------15~-----------|B---12----8----15---12--12----17--15--15----17---15-----13------------------|G---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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