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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 20:26:48 -0300
From: Bruce & Peggy Mackinnon 
Subject: s/steely_dan/pearl_of_the_quarter.crd


                       PEARL OF THE QUARTER              Steely Dan
                       --------------------          Countdown To Ecstasy

Intro:  | C  G | F  Em7 | Dm7  Bb | C    |

      | C       G     |       F      Em7 |
Vs. I.   On the water down in New Orleans

     |  C     G     |   F            Em7  |
         My baby's the pearl of the Quarter

     |  C          G       |         F     Em7  |
         She's a charmer like you've never seen

       |         Dm7           Bb   |  Am7     |
         Singin' voulez voulez voulez vous

     | C           G     |           F           Em7 |
Vs. II.  Where the sailor spends his hard-earned pay

     | C      G    |    F          Em7    |
         Red beans and rice for a quarter

     |  C        G         |     F   Em7   |
         You can see her almost any day

       |         Dm7           Bb  |  Am7   |
         Singin' voulez voulez voulez vous

   |  Dbm7/Ab   C7/G |  Bm7/F#    Bb7/F | Am7/E
Chorus:  And     if you hear from my     Louise

                   Ab7/Eb  |  Dm7     C  |
         Won't you tell her I say hello

  |  Dbm7/Ab    C7/G  | Bm7/F#  Bb7/F   |
         Please make it clear   when her

      |  Am7/E  Ab7/Eb    |       Dm7      C  |
         Day is done she's got a place to go


(Chords for vs. 3 & 4 same as for vs. 1 & 2)

Vs.III.  I walked alone down the miracle mile
         I met my baby by the shrine of the martyr
         She stole my heart with her cajun smile
         Singin' voulez voulez voulez vous

Vs. IV.  She loved the million-dollar words I say
         She loved the candy and the flowers that I bought her
         She said she loved me and was on her way
         Singin' voulez voulez voulez vous


Lead Break:     | F    C | G     | F    C | G     |

                | Dm7  Em7 | F   G |(2/4)  G     |
                            |   |   ||
                | Dm7  Bb | C Csus4 C |

        * TO CHORUS*

        * TURNAROUND*

         (End on "C")

Chord Formations: Most of the chords in the verses are fairly basic
so I'll just lay out the ones in the chorus:

4X645X   3X535X   2X423X   1X313X   0X201X   X6454X   XX0211

E/Ab    C7/G     D/F#     Bb7/F    C/E      Ab7/Eb   Dm7

"I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy" -who knows

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