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Stellar Kart – A Love Song tab

Artist: Stellar Kart
Title: A Love Song
Album: "All Gas, No Brake."
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I saw that all the tabs on this site were in standard tuning
so I thought I would post the actual tuning of this song

tuning: DADGAD


(to get the 2 9s,7s, and 5s, bar those 2 strings

Bm A G D2 or D2D-9------7-----5-----------------------|A-9------7-----5------5----------------|D-12-----9-----7------7-------7--------|G-11-----9-----7------7-------7--------|A--------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------|
Intro Bm A G G A Bm Bm G G A D2 Verse 1: D2 (entire verse) Chorus: G A D2 G A Bm A D2 G A Bm A G G G A Verse 2: stay on D2 for the entire second verse back to chorus the song is played Intro Verse 1 Chorus Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus let me know how this works out for you.
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