Stephen Kellogg – Sweetest Goodbye tab

Artist: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Song: Sweetest Goodbye
Album: Glassjaw Boxer

Capo 3

Intro (Piano): Sounds best fingerpicked.e----0-----------------------------------|B-3--3-3-1-0-3--3--1--0-0----------------|G---------------------0-0----------------|D-2--2-------------2---------------------|A-3--3-------2--2--3--2-2----------------|E------------3--3-----3-3 ...repeated----| C/G G C G G
Verse 1: G D No matter how many times we've done this C G And we've done it so many times G D It never does get easier C C When it's time to say goodbye G D And I wear your memory underneath my shirt C D Like an Indian tattoo Em Am Crushed by conscience in a mental slide show D C And I dream of kissing you Pre-Chorus: G Am C D And it's the sweetest goodbye when I get home G Am C D We're gonna sleep all day just you and I G D C F And if you never left, you'd never know why D You had to go in the first place C And I picture your sweet face Picture your sweet face Picture your sweet Chorus: G C D The sweetest goodbye G C D (D held twice as long) The sweetest goodbye Verse 2: G D Now there's two of you C G That I find myself saying goodbye to G D C F And at night the three of us are in my head before I sleep G D And I know we need the money C G Though I hope it doesn't show G D Cause whatever I've got coming C F Comes to me when we're alone Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge: C D ..Every second C D Of every minute Em Of every hour of every day Am C I'm thinking of the things that I can say C To make you miss me when I go away Pre-chorus Chorus
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