Steppenwolf – Ride With Me tab



From the 1972 release "For Ladies Only"
Words and music by Mars Bonfire

Tabbed by Henrique "Bluesman" de Paula

Tuning: Standard


C5 D5 C5 D5 E5

How ya gonna make it baby?
That's the question to be asked
Life goes on around you
In so many different ways
I know my share of history
How hard it is to be free
From wearing masks that turn to skin
Hiding what you could have been

And I, I, I'm so confused
Which way, which way to choose?

C5                D5                   E5
Ride with me baby 'til the end of the day

Mama's home philosophy
Makes everyone a freak but me
Though I'm starvin' in the streets
And can't predict the future
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the sanest of us all?
Is he with me or one of them?
How does he dress, who are his friends?

And I, I, I'm so confused
Which way, which way to choose?

C5                D5                   E5
Ride with me baby 'til the end of the day


C5 D5 E5 E5 E5 / G5 \ E5 Mama's home philosophy E5 (Look 1) Makes everyone a freak but me E5 E / G5 \ E Though I'm starvin' in the streets E5 (Look 2) And can't predict the future E5 E5 / G5 \ E5 Can I have my vision back? E5 (Look 3) I'll live outside your city walls E5 E5 / G5 \ E5 You don't have to be afraid E5 (Look 4) Until I come together
C5 D5 E5 Ride with me Baby 'Til the end of the day (4x) *****************************************************************
C5 E-------- D5 E-------- E5 E-------- A5 E---------| B-------- B-------- B-------- B-------------------| G---5---- G--7----- G--9----- G----------------| D---5---- D--7----- D--9----- D--7-------------| A---3---- A--5----- A--7----- A--7-------------| E-------- E-------- E-------- E--5-------------|
G5 E---------| B-----------| G-----------| D---12------| A---10------| E-----------|
Note: To play better, listen this great song over and over to feel the rhythm. If anyone add slide guitar, please, send me: Enjoy it!
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