Steppenwolf - Pusher tab

The tab is basically the same three chords for the whole song.

Standard tuning with capo on 3rd fret. Tab is relative to capo.

I'm just about 100% certain on this sickeningly lazy and cool main riff. You can get the 
rhythm by listening to the song. You've gotta throw in the little "chick" palm muted 

There's another part they play once in a while as well - the same progression, just a higher. Not as sure on this part, but I play it like this:
There are a couple of other ways that sound ok too. I'll put them up and I guess you can which sounds better to you.
There's a bit of soloing behind the main guitar for most of the song, but it's just sort wandering, and your buddy can make it up if he/she wants to play along. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions. You can post this anywhere, just give credit if you do.
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