Stereophonics – Im Alright tab

STEREOPHONICS - "I'm Alright (You gotta go there to come back)"
Taken from the album "You gotta go there to come back"
Written by Kelly Jones

F#m - 244222
E     - 022100
D     - xx0232

(Acoustic Guitar)
F#m                                   E
I'll drink another drink for you
one, two, three, four, five, once I drank a fishing line
F#m                                E
I'll drop another pill for you
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, did it beore, I'll do it again

F#m                                E
I'll tell another joke for you
Did you hear the one about the one who looks like you
F#m                                           E
I'll sleep with sleep arounds for you
Why don't you scratch my back and chew the tongue I chew
F#m                 E                   D
I'm                                     alright (x2)

(An electric guitar starts playing this right through unitl the end of the song)

F#m E I'll tell another lie for you D Tell you what you wanna hear, but that don't make ot true F#m E I'll wear another smile for you D That way you'll know I'm fine and having fun with you F#m E I'll draw another line for you D That way you'll know i'm hip that way you'll know i'm cool F#m E I'll smoke another smoke for you D I'll blow back in your mouth and you can blow back too F#m E D I'm alright/you gotta go there to come back F#m E I'll take another punch for you D Tie my hands behind my back that way you cannot lose F#m E I'll make another pound for you D So you can drive your motor car and drive you to the moon F#m E D I'm alright F#m E D You. Me. Us. Free - we're alright, alright F#m E D Love. Pain. Hate. Rain - we're alright, alright F#m E D Give. Take. Time. Place - we're alright, alright Any comments, please email me at
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