Stereophonics – Drowning chords

Dm C I don't know why
C DmI don't know what is wrong
COh no
Dm CIs karma gonna get me?
C DmAt times that's all I see
Dm CIt's not real
A#Wanna feel
G DmWanna feel, like I did before
Dm CMornings I can't breathe
C DmWave crashes over me
Dm CAnd drowns me
Dm CWind's running rings around me
C DmIt takes me time to see
Dm CWhat is real?
A#Wanna feel
GWanna feel
Dm CLike I did before
A# G Like I did before
Dm CTime changes things
A#Like I never thought
G Like I never saw?
Dm C Time changes me
A#I'm like I never was
GOh no
Dm I'm looling back to what I was
C I've seen my face right on the floor
A#And I love you, being around
GI say it again, I'm not fucking around
Dm I've seen in before
I'll see ut again
CIt's knocking my door
And it never pretends
A#I'm down on my knees
And I don't know where to
Ggo to find my way back home
Dm CI'm drowning
A# G I'm drowning
Dm CI'm drowning
A# GI'm drowning
Dm C A# G Finish a Dm
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