Stereophonics – Indian Summer chords ver. 2

These are the chords for the next Stereophonics single, Indian Summer. The chords 
are A minor, Fmaj7, C and G and used in different orders.


Am Fmaj7 C G        X2

Verse 1: 
Am Fmaj7Everytime that I see her
C GA lightning bolt fills the room
Am Fmaj7The underbelly of Paris
C GShe sings her favourite tune
Verse 2:
Am Fmaj7She'll drink you under the table
C GShe'll show you a drink or two
Am Fmaj7And every that I left her
C GI miss a thing she would do
Fmaj7 CShe was the one, for me
Am GShe opened my eyes, to see
Fmaj7 CShe was the one, for me
Am GOh alright
Fmaj7 CIt was a cold September
Am GBefore the Indian Summer
Fmaj7 CThat's the thing I remember
Am GWhen she gave me her number
Fmaj7 CWent from station to station
Am GOn a train across the nation
Fmaj7 CAnd the rain of November
Am GThat's the time that we ended
Fmaj7 CShe was the one, for me
Am GOh alright
Verse 3: Same chords as previous verses Vodka with coca-cola Cocaine tucked in her shors Cigarettes over coffee Her halo slipped to a noose Verse 4: Take the slow boat to China You fly it right 'round the moon She could take it or leave it I knew it had to end soon Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus Solo: Fmaj7 C Am G
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