Steve Azar – Sunshine chords

Capo 1


Your (C) dark hair draped across my pillow 
Says I finally (Am) got it right 
And as I (Dm) watch you dreaming, twisted in the sheets 
I can't stop thinking about (G7) last night 

Well I've waited (C) so long, so long, so long 
For someone like (Am) you 
And as this (Dm) morning breaks through the window pane 
It reveals (G7) the truth 

Baby, you're my (C) sunshine, first light 
Find your way to places that only (Am) know lies Failed tries and bruised skies
With hardly time to (Dm) hold on or be strongNow I'm strong 'cuz like the dawn
You (G7) push it all away I tell ya, you're my (C) sunshine Everybody needs a little (Am) sunshine (G7) Your (C) fingertips, a kiss to this tired face It's like I'm (Am) young again Well I feel (Dm) beautiful but most of all vulnerable Since (G7) you broke in (Chorus) So won't you (C) take me, take me, take me Anywhere and (Am) everywhere you go All the (Dm) warmth you bring to this cold heart With the slightest touch is (G7) enough to know
Baby, you're my (C) sunshine Everybody needs a little (Am) sunshine
Yeah, you're my (Dm) sunshine 'Cuz like the dawn you (G7) push it all away |C|Am|Dm|G7| (repeat and fade)
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