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Steve Earle – Billy Austin tab

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from (Barry Markey)

                          Billy Austin
                         By Steve Earl.


D  Dsus2  D sus4 D  

Song: (chords and verse are all the same)

   D             G
My name is Billy Austin

        A                 D
And I'm twenty-nine years old

      G           D
I was born in oklahoma

        Bm                        Bm A G
Quarter Cherokee I'm told

Don't remember Oklahoma

        G                 A 
Been so long since I left home

           G                   Bm
Seems like I've always been in prison

     G                Bm      A  D
like I've always been alone

The chords just repeat over and over for the rest of the song. Its best
fingerpicked on an accoustic with little accompliment (just like the man does
it himself).

if anyones got anymore Steve Earl I'd love to see it....

- Barry
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