Steve Earle – Lonely Are The Free tab ver. 2

Steve Earle – Lonely are the free

Hi there, it's my first time to offer you the chords and tabs. I can't find the 
chords of this beautiful song, so i've tried.
 I'm not a musician, but I think, it's close to Steve. If not, please contact me: Thanks.

Capo Fret 3rd
Alle Angaben beziehen sich auf Capo im dritten Bund!!!!!
All Notations referred to the Capo on third!!!!

intro 2 x A F#m AE||----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||B||-2--------------------------------2--3--2--0-------------------------------5--6--5---0-----3--||G||-2----2----------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------3--||D||----2--------2-----2-----2-----2--------------------------------------------------------------||A||-0--------0-----0-----0-----0-----0--0--0--0---4---7-----7-----7------7----7--7--7---7-----0--||E||------------------------------------------------------5-----5-----5---------------------------||
Bassline (Entsprechend zu verlängern/Repeat on time) A F#m D E||---------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------||B||---------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------||G||---------------------------- --------------------------- ----2-----2-----2----2------||D||------2-----2-----2-----2--- --------------------------- --0----0-----0----0---------||A||---0-----0-----0-----0------ -----7-----7-----7------7-- ----------------------------||E||---------------------------- --5-----5-----5-----5------ ----------------------------||
A Lonely are the free ('Cause) there ain't that many of them F#m They don't walk like you and me A (They) just tumble in the breeze Lighter than a feather F#m All together, separately D That's how it's s'posed to be No matter where they wander F#m From post to in between, From here to over yonder, A F#m There's no place for them to land Lonely are the free A The silent are the strong Not so much as a whisper F#m Tells you anything is wrong A You've known all along, But you can't help but listen F#m And now the moment's gone. D It keeps you hanging on Until the stillness signaling F#m The breaking of the dawn, Is shattered by the sirens A F#m Singing sacrificial songs The silent are the strong.
Break 2 x A F#m E||-------------------------------------------------||B||-2-2-2---2--3--2--0---2-2-2-2--5--6--5--0--------||G||-------------------------------------------------||D||-------------------------------------------------||A||-0-0-0---0--0--0--0------------7--7--7--7--------||E||----------------------5-5-5-5--------------------||
D F#m That's all they used to see A violent shadow passing 'cross A The sun so fleetingly F#m A That if you have to ask you miss it Anyway you see F#m Lonely are the free Break 4 x End on A!!!!
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