Steve Earle – Mercenary Song tab

-- this isn't exactly right but close --

[G] Me and old Bill there we both come from Georgia
Met Hank down in [D] New Mexico [G]
We're [G] bound for Durango to join Pancho Villa
We hear that he's [D] paying in [G] gold

I guess a man's got to do what he's best at
Ain't found nothing better so far
Been called mercenaries and men with no country
Just soldiers in search of a war


We're [C] bound for the border
We're [G] soldiers of fortune
We'll [D] fight for no country
But we'll [G] die for good pay
[C] Under the flag of the [G] greenback dollar
Or the peso down [D] Mexico [G] way

When this way is over, I might go back to Georgia
And settle down quiet somewhere
I'll most likely pack up and head south for Chile
Hear tell there's some trouble down there

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