Feel Alright chords with lyrics by Steve Earle - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Steve Earle – Feel Alright chords

   Steve Earle - Feel Alright

   tab - millser19

I first heard this song in the ending montage of the Wire 
and have loved it since. It is a fun and very easy song to 
play so here is my best attempt at transcribing it. Enjoy!

Standard tuning (EADGBe)
  chords used:
  G      (320033)
  Cadd9  (X32033)
  Em     (022000)
  Dsus4  (XX0233)

intro riff:

(intro riff) (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9 ) x 6 VERSE 1:
GI was born my papa's son
Cadd9 Dm-sus4 (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9)x2A wanderin' eye and a smokin' gun
GNow some of you would live through me
Cadd9 Dm-sus4 (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9)x2 Lock me up and throw away the key
GOr just find a place to hide away
Cadd9 Dm-sus4 (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9)x2Hope that I'll just go away
Em Dsus4 Cadd9 (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9)x2I feel alright, I feel alright tonight
Em Dsus4 Cadd9 (G Dm-sus4 Cadd9)x2I feel alright, I feel alright tonight
(same chord pattern throughout the song) VERSE 2: I'll bring you precious contraband And ancient tales from distant lands Of conquerors and concubines and Conjurers from darker times Betrayal and conspiracy Sacrilege and heresy CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL ( G Cadd9 Dm-sus4 Cadd9 ) x 2 (listen to get the timing right) ( G Dm-sus4 Cadd9 ) x 4 VERSE 3: I got every thing you wont or need Your darkest fear, your fondest dream I ask you questions, tell you lies Criticize and sympathize Be careful what you wish for friend Because I've been to hell and now I'm back again CHORUS OUTRO:
(G Dm-sus4 Cadd9) x2I feel alright
G Dm-sus4 Cadd9 (G) I feel alright
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