Nothin Without You chords with lyrics by Steve Earle - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Steve Earle – Nothin Without You chords

Intro  G  C  C  G

G CIm the keeper of your heart
F CI keep the flame when were apart
G CIm the lover in you arms
G COr a baby soft and warm
F CIm a hero in your eyes
G CIm a comfort when you cry
G CWhen you hurt me Im your fool
G CBut Im nothing without you
F CNo Im nothing without you
G CIt dont matter what I do
F CIf I win or if I lose
G CSweetheart Im nothing without you
(Instrumental F C G C G C G C F C G C F C G C)
G CIm a beacon in the night
F CTo show the way until its light
G CIm a stumbler in the dark
G CWhen I cant say whats in my heart
F CIm a poet just the same
G CEvery time I speak your name
G CIm just a shadow when Im blue
G CBut Im nothing without you
(Repeat Chorus) F C G C
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