Steve Fee - Glorious One chords

Tuning: Standard 
Capo: Open 

Chords used: 
C: x32010
G: 320003 
Am: x02210 
FM7: x33210 
F/A: x03213 
D/F#: 200232 
C/G: 3x2013
F: 133211


Verse 1:
C Am GOur hands are lifted high
Am G FOur hearts are bowing reverence
C Am GAnd we're surrounded by
Am FThe glory of Your presence
Pre-Chorus 1:
G FWith every creature every tongue
G F/AWe're lifting our heart to the Glorious One
C Glorious One
G Glorious One
Am Light of the world
D/F# You outshine the sun
C/G King of all Kings
G Eternity sings
F CGlorious One
Verse 2:
C Am GGod of infinite worth
Am G FWith hands that carve out the ocean
C Am GYou hold the universe
Am FAnd still You run to the broken
Pre-Chorus 2:
G FWith every heart that's been set free
G F/AWe're lifting our song to our Glorious King
Chorus Bridge:
C F Am GThere is none more beautiful
C F Am G F/AThere is none more wonderful
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