Steve Fee - Beautiful The Blood chords version 2

Beautiful Blood – Steve Fee (Chord Chart, Key of Am)  12JAN11
INTRO Bbm7	Ab	Gb	Db	Bbm7	Ab	Gb	Db (repeat)

Db Ab Gb DbVerse 1 I never knew death could be so sweet
Verse 2 Never knew through these nails would love unfold
Ab Gb DbI never knew surrender could feel so free
And never knew these wounds would heal my soul
Ab Gb DbI never seen such meekness in ma - je – sty
I've never seen such beauty and sorrow meet
Ab Gb DbThat the blood of Jesus was bled for me
The blood of Jesus was bled for me
Ab Bbm7 (Fm/C) DbAnd now I sing freedom for all my days
Ab Gb Ab DbIt's only by the power of the cross I'm raised
Gb AbThe King of Glory rescued me
Db GbHow beautiful the blood flow
Bbm7 Ebm7How merciful the love show
Db GbThe King of glory poured out
Bbm7 Ebm7Victorious are we now
Progression from Intro here…
Db Gb Bbm7 GbHow beautiful you are, How merciful you are, How glorious you are, Christ the Savior. (repeat)
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