Steve Hackett – Toast tab

This is my first tab of a great band from Stillwater. Hope you enjoy!
visis their site:

The Toast
By: No Justice
Capo 3rd Fret
Intro: G D C (2x)
        G          D               C
Verse 1: Haven’t I seen you here before?
G          D                 C
Maybe you look like someone else
G     D                C
Silhouette is like the devil
G         D                           C   
But your eyes are too blue for me to care
        G           D                 C
Verse 2: I wondered if you noticed my face
G          D                  C
Are you still staring at that man?
G       D                     C
My emotions run wild like a freight train bound for nowhere
G              D                      C
I’d buy you a drink but I don’t know your brand
Chorus: Here’s to you
Here’s to me
          D                C
Best of friends that will always be
          D                 C       D
And if perhaps we tend to disagree
          G  D C G D C      
Here’s to me

(The rest is the same)

Verse 3: Mister bartender, pour me a shot once more
To drowned my cares and fears away
Well I’m down to my last cigarette and its broken
Oh well I guess I didn’t need the damn thing anyway

Verse 4: She just walked by my table and she gave me a second glance
My eyes followed her to the backroom door
Now she’s talking to another man, I guess I just lost my chance
Hey bartender I’ll have 2 more

Chorus: 2x

Outro: G D C (2x)
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