Steve Miller Band – Roll With It chords

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Roll With It chords
Steve Miller Band*


AThere's a plane goin' down the runway
D ABelieve I better go with it
AThere's a train goin' by the highway
D ABelieve I better roll with it
DI don't know what's got into me
All I know is I've got to be free Take off all these chains that bind me
GOnce I'm gone, you'll never find me
ADid she love you
D AMmmm Hmmm
ADid she need you
D AMmmm Hmmm
ADid she please you
D AMmmm Hmmm
ADid she leave you
D AMmmm Hmmm
A G FAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
* Alternate: Capo V D = A A = E G = D C = G Set8
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