Steve Miller – Jet Airliner tab

Artist: Steve Miller Band
Song: Jet Airliner
Tabbed by: John Leadman

Two guitars arr. for 1|---------------------------||---------------------------||------5-3-5-3-2h3p2p0------||---------------------------||-1/3-----------------------||---------------------------|
Verse and chorus is these chordssomeone please embellish on this!|-1----------||-1--5--3----||-2--5--3----||-3--5--3----||-3--3--1----||-1----------|
bridge parts go: C F C F C Bb F Another Version: Main Riff:
Guitar 1:|----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||-8-10-8-10--8---------||--------------10p8----||-------------------11-|
Guitar 2: Bb C
The one guitar version is to replace the 1st to notes in Gtr 1's Riff for Gtr 2's chords. Verse: C F C Bb F C F Bb C F Bb Chorus: Bb F Chords: C:8 10 10 9 8 8 F:8 8 10 10 10 8 Bb:688766
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