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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 13:07:10 -0500

"The Lament of Despond R. G. Underwood~Frederick IV"
Steve Taylor
Tabbed By: Jesse Palmer
Again another cool guy overlooked by society. =

The song is pretty easy remember use zzZZDISTORTIONZZzz
Throughout the whole song strum each chord twice
Standard Tuning
  G5 	  C5	 F5	 D5	 G#5	C#5	F#5	=

e--- e--- e--- e--- e--- e--- e---|B--- B--- B--- B--- B--- B--- B---|G--- G-5- G--- G-7- G--- G-6- G---|D-5- D-5- D-3- D-7- D-6- D-6- D-4-|A-5- A-3- A-3- A-5- A-6- A-4- A-4-|E-3- E--- E-1- E--- E-4- E--- E-2-|=0DIntro G5 C5 F5 C5Play 4x =
=0D Verse Chords G5 C5 F5 D5 G5 C5 D5 C5 Play 4x =0D Chorus (no chords until he stops singing) = 1st Time Intro 2x 2nd Time G#5 C#5 F#5 C#5 (Play 4x) C5 (let ring) Intro 2x 3rd Time Sing Chorus 2x =0D Outro The 2nd Chorus chords fit in there nicely = Then G5 C5 F5 C5 G5(let ring) =0D Lyrics =0D Verse 1 Ah, the news of my impending death. Came at a really bad time for me. Yeah, the news of my impending death. Any other day might have been o.k. I was starting to track with my inner guide. I was getting in touch with my feminine side. But when the doctor starts whistling "Happy Trails". Tends to knock a bit of wind out of the old sails. =0D Chorus Desi Ray, if I may be so blunt. Galahad, bag your agnosyic front. Underwood, hire a good undertaker. Freddie get ready to meet your maker. =0D Verse 2 Ah, the news of my impending death. Came at a really bad time for me. I was far too young to depreciate. When they read me my expiration date. I'd built Iron Man stalls in the northern wild. I'd played Cabbage Patch dolls with my inner child. Now i'm getting sealed bids for a granite vault. And i'm pretty sure this is my parents fault. Chorus =0D Verse 3 Ah, the news of my impending death. Came at a really bad time for me. When they cancel your breathing policy. Tends to steal a bit of the old Joie De Vivre. I'd just found the lost key to my mythic life. So I bravely shook free of my kids and wife. I had seminars booked as a second career. Until a still small voice screamed loud and clear. Chorus =0D Right now i'm working on The Moshing Floor, The Finish Line, Bannerman an= d Curses off this album and Sometime Sunday's Home E-Mail me at T= hank you.
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