Steve Winwood – Horizon chords


From the Album ‘About Time’

By Steve Winwood © 2003

Am G Em D Am GHorizon in the distant sky
Em D Am G Em D The steady line fixed my eye
Am G Em DFor a million miles
Am G Em D Am G Em DLong quiet of the afternoon
Am G Em DDripping lights of evening
D Am GI’m no longer blue
Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 There’s a lamp If you’ve lost your way
Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 Stars to guide Soft fields to lay
Am G Em D Am GSafe harbour from a restless sea
Em D Am G Em DDeep pools of silence calm me
Am G Em D So I can be
Am G Em DWind whispers
Am G Em DThe fog has cleared
Am G Em DThe sound of sacred music
Am G Em DThat I long to hear
Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 I am here to the very end
Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 No more anxious thoughts within
Am G Em D Am G Em DNew seasons pass in front of me
Am G Em D Am G Em DNow there’s a world where I find I can smile at thee
Am G Em D Am G Em D Am G Em D Am G Em D Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 Dsus2 Csus2 G A5 Repeat Verse 1 again then Repeat end refrain: Am G Em D x3 and fade
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