Stevie Hoang – Addicted chords

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                             ADDICTED - Stevie Hoang
July 22nd 2010

Tabbed by: Wayne S
Tuning: Standard EADGBE

Capo: 1

F: 133211
G: 320033 or 355433
Am: 002210 or 577555
Dm7: x00211 or x57565

Intro can be played as the outro too after the 2 last choruses are repeated. Chorus can 
be played by chord-strumming, and verses can be played by finger-picking (similar to the 
and vice versa.

The chorus section shows the cues for singing/picking. The number in the squared 
should line up with the numbers on the strings. As an example, you pick the low E string AND B 
on the first fret

at "do you still THINK of me" from the first line of the chorus is sung.

For the chorus, if you wish to strum chords instead, then replace the numbers as follows:
[1], [4], [7], [11] -> F
[2], [5], [8], [12] -> G
[3]. [6], [9] -> Am
[10] -> Dm7

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[Verse 1]:
F GSince you went away
AmIt's been one year two months
F GBut it just don't seem like yesterday
Am F GWe were, We were still together time has passed and things have changed so
AmWhy do I feel this way
Dm7Cause your with somebody else
F GAnd I'm with somebody else but
F G Am F Whenever I think about the love we had (it hurts so bad)
F G Am Whenever I think about the love we made
F G I said that I'd be strong
AmGirl I really thought that I'd move on
Dm7 F G (quick change) But still I find myself asking
e|------3-------------------------------3---------------1-0-----------3--------|B|1-0-----3-1-0---1-0---------3-1-1-0-----3-1-0---1-0-------3-1-1-0-----3-1-0--|G|----0---------0-----0-----0---------0---------0-----0-------------0---------0|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------0-------------------------------0----------------------------|E|1-------3-----------------------1-------3---------------------1-------3------| [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
e|----------1-0---------1-0---------|B|1-0-----------1-----------1-----3-|G|----0---0-----------0-------------|D|----------------2-3---------2-3---|A|0---------------------------------|E|--------------1-----------1-----3-| [9] [10] [11] [12]
[1] Do you still think of me [2] [3] Like I think about you [4] Do you still dream of me [5] [6] Cause I can't sleep without you [7] [8] Tell me if time should make a change [9] Then why do I feel the same [10] [11] Your love has got me addicted [1] Said I don't know [2] [3] When I'm with a chick and hittin it girl I call your name [4] Said I don't know [5] [6] When I be with somebody else I push them away [7] [8] Tell me if time should make a change [9] Then why do I feel the same [10] [11] [12] I know I gotta move on but I'm so addicted to you [Verse 2]:
F GIt's been long enough
AmDon't know why I'm still holding on
F GIf I had a wish babe
Am F I would turn back the hands of time
G AmCause you don't know what you got until it's gone
Dm7 F G It's the reason why I'm writing you this song
F G AmGirl I'm slippin, And I don't know what to do
F G AmGirl I admit it, I'm sick over you
F G Am Damn, I realised my mistake
Dm7My pride got in the way
F GI should have begged you to stay
[Repeat Chorus] [Bridge]:
F G If you ever lost someone you truly love
AmLet me hear you say yeah
Yeah, Say yeah, Yeah
F G And if you lost someone you truly need
AmLet me hear you say yeah
[Repeat Chorus] x2
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