Stewart Billy – Summertime tab

'rock' arrangements of 'Summertime' are based on Billy Stewart's
1966 remake.  The original score of _Porgy and Bess_ used a far more
somber chord progression, basically alternating Gm6 and Am6; try that
and see which you prefer.  -- AWR

                          (Gershwin - Heyward)


	Chuck a-chuck-chuck (huh! yeah!)
	Gm  F    Gm  Cm   Gm  F    Gm [N.C.]
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  /

Verse 1:

	         Gm   F   Gm
	          F        Gm   F   Gm
	And the livin' is easy
	          Cm                Bb             Cm                Bb
	Fish are jumpin, don't you know my darling,   I said a-right now
	                   D7  Eb7  D7 [N.C.]
	And the cotton is high

	                                     Gm   F   Gm
	Like-a like-a like-a you're daddy's rich
	          F            Gm       F    Gm   F
	And your mommy's good-lookin', yeah
	  Bbmaj7                Gm  Am7-5 D7     Gm   [N.C.]
	So hush, pretty little baby,  don't  you cry

Verse 2:

	One of these, one of these, one of these mornings, darlin'
	You're gonna rise, you're gonna rise up singin'
	Then you'll spread your little wings, your little wings
	And-a take to the ska-da-da-da-dy

	Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... until-a that mornin'
	There's nothin' gonna harm you, girl
	With Mommy and Daddy standing by, yeah


	Gm             F                       Gm
	Pretty little darlin', I said, a-right now
	             Cm                Gm                F
	Don't let a tear, don't let a tear, don't let a tear
	        Gm               Cm               Gm
	Little darlin', I said, fall a-from your eyes

	(Gm) F    Gm  Cm   Gm [N.C.]
	 / / / /  / / / /  /

	[guitar only]:

	  Bbmaj7        Gm7
	So hush, pretty baby

	         D7                      D7 [full band] [N.C.]


	Chuck a-chuck-chuck

	Gm  F    Gm  Cm   [3X]
	/ / / /  / / / /

	Gm [N.C.]
	Little darlin' do not let a tear fall-a from your ey-ey-ey-ey-eye

	[drum roll]


	end cold on Gm9/maj7   [35x375]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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