Stick Figure - So Good tab

"So Good" by Stick Figure a.k.a. Scott Woodruff
Sick song with the melody taken from Gary Jules song "Mad World."
I believe this is the first Stick Figure tab which is sad since Stick Figure is amazing.
This is my first tab so if you notice anything wrong comment...
I know for a fact that the all the notes in this tab are the right ones because it is 
in Fm.
It's a pretty simple tab. No solo.

|  \= slide
|  p= pull offf

Intro/Bass Riff:

Fm Ab Eb BbmE|-8----4----11----6-|B|-9----4----11----6-|G|-10---5----12----6-|D|-10---6----13----8-|A|-8----6----13----8-|E|-x----4----11----6-|
Chorus: Fm, Bb vocals on guitar:
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