Sticky Fingers – If You Go chords

Bm GWe live in half a world
Em BmIt's faster than your trends
Behold the sun
Bm GI'm giving up for silence sake
Em BmFor all we're worth in here we'll wait
[Pre Chorus]
Bm A EStep outside, see what's there's to find
Bm A EThere's never a time to die
Bm D GWe all want to know if you go
Em GWhen there's nothing left to show
AAnd she's crying at the door
G DShe can not bring herself to the shame
AAnd find out why
[Verse 2] Another hand to play And another hidden face Nobody's here to stay I'm someone else I'm talking to people strange They're walking the other way Everybody's a part to play Somewhere else [Pre Chorus] [Chorus]
[Outro] x4 (G D A)She can not bring herself to the shame
And find out why, if you go
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